ROC Funding Group, LLC Offering Low Interest Rates and Easy Repayment Plans on Business Capital

New York City based company, ROC Funding Group, LLC, is happy to announce that they are

offering low-interest rates and easy repayment plans. Business

owners across the U.S., who feel like they have nowhere else to turn to finance a new project,

add more employees or expand their business operations, can turn to ROC Funding Group, LLC.

The company is proud to give small businesses the opportunity to prosper with the aid of a

merchant cash advance or another short-term product that they offer. Because ROC Funding

Group, LLC was founded with the goal of funding small businesses, the company is also proud

to offer their clients low-interest rates, easy repayment plans and extended terms. In fact, nothing

makes the ROC team happier than helping businesses flourish by giving them the opportunity to

create more jobs and, in turn, help the economy thrive.

One of the many benefits of working with the professionals at ROC is that each of them have

years of experience in the private lending industry. So, it is easy to see—in just a matter of two

years—how the company has been able to fund a countless number of small businesses all over

the nation.

Small business owners who are interested in applying for capital or

financing options can do so via the company’s website, There,

business owners will be able to have some of their “Frequently Asked Questions” answered, as

well as find out more about their application process. In the end, if their professionals choose to

accept the application, they will have the money over to the business owner in as soon as three


About ROC Funding Group, LLC:

ROC Funding Group, LLC was established in 2013 by a handful of investors with the goal of

giving small business owners various financing opportunities. Even though the company is

headquartered in New York City, they offer business cash advances to

businesses all over the Continental United States. To learn more about ROC Funding Group,

LLC, or acquire an application form, please visit them on the web at